Night or Day our tops know they can unload their balls in one of our slutty bottoms

Sketchy Sex says: We are pretty organized at home and we don’t want to disappoint so we always make sure that there is at least one hot bottom at home in case we get a drive-by guy who needs to unload.

Our whore house is known throughout the city and it is how we keep a constant line of horny tops coming through.

So no matter it’s daytime or nighttime our fuckers know they can drop a load in one of us and often we are fighting to be the cum hungry slut just waiting to be fucked.

Especially when the top fucker has a huge cock then we love to be accomodating.

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Horny bottoms needed hot top cocks available at Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: Ok well we knew our secret wouldn’t stay secret for long, now word has gotten out that our house is the cumdump for the town.

No wonder we’ve seen an increase in the hot horny tops popping by to fuck our bottom boys and unloading their balls fast.

There has been group after group of young studs willing to drop their loads in our cumdumsters.

A few of our housemates had to drop out and get some sleep but they were up again early the next day so no top was searching for a bottom.

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Sketchy Sex keep the dicks in the door and share the loads

Sketchy Sex says: Every so often one of our housemates moves on to a new pad or city and so, we have to start looking for a new cumdump to join in.

Our selection process is a bit different and super rigorous.

We don’t really care what you make or your credit, we care if you can keep the dicks in the door and share the loads.

Got this new guy in for a roomie interview with our favorite breeders, and it looks like he’ll fit right in.

What do you guys think?

Should he be one of the house cumdumps?

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Bingeing on big raw cocks Sketchy Sex

Sketchy Sex says: I don’t know how many times our bosses called, we completely lost track of time.

Who wouldn’t with all these dicks and loads flying around the house? The guys were animals.

We don’t know how many came through but, the first batch of tops never left either.

We didn’t get to our jobs but, we just couldn’t stop binging.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sketchy Sex choking on huge thick raw cocks

Sketchy Sex says: Some really thick meat managed to make its way into our holes.

It was some thick stuffing! The cocks were so thick it made us gargle.

There was so much wet cock going all the way in and out, our holes were stuffed to capacity.

But it still was not enough, we needed more and we were more then determined to get it.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


All the Sketchy Sex updates right here!

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Random cum filled studs visit us at home breeding our jizz hungry holes

Sketchy Sex says: The situation at our house is to have random guys visiting with their cum filled balls coming in and loading us up. We hardly notice them or know their names until that is when the cum stops flowing.

Then we get on the phone to get a new batch of horned up jizz boys over and breeding or holes till a damn good top came in.

Most bust and head out, this guy just kept railing me and the roommate. I’ll lose my job over that dick.

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