Hot hairy chested big muscle stud Austin Wolf’s huge raw cock bareback fucks sexy bearded dude Brock Banks’s hot hole

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Cockyboys says: This is not the first time Brock Banks has been a bottom but he is excited to be under the total control of super top man Austin Wolf, the Austin Wolf experience as it were.

As soon as they discussed what is about to happen Brock heads directly to naked Austin and grabs ahold of his already rock solid big dick.

Austin responds by kissing him passionately gripping Brock by the throat and sliding down his underwear to expose his tight muscled bubble ass.

As Austin’s kissing continues, Brock dives down below and sucks up Austin’s erect dick taking it right back deep into his throat.

Austin places Brock down slap bang on his lap, smothering him in kisses before lying him back down ready to fuck him.

Austin’s skilled thrusting elicits Brock’s moans of pleasure and when he takes a break Brock resumes sucking him.

Austin soon has Brock in the bed to face fuck him and reach over to finger his hole again.

Austin really doesn’t need to guide or order Brock who just goes for it and relentlessly sucks him deep, not stopping even as he’s put into 69 by Austin who eats out his ass.

With a minimal shift in position, Brock is soon riding Austin, grinding on his cock and leaning back into it before Austin holds him back and thrusts deep into him like a sex toy.

Austin takes Brock from behind and pounds him hard, periodically holding him by the neck and Brock takes it all.

Austin finally goes over the edge and pulls out to cum over Brock’s hole and slide his cock back in.

Austin’s intense orgasm keeps going, especially as Brock works his hole on the top’s sensitive cock.

Austin has to lie back to recover but not for long as Brock is ready to cum too.

As Austin holds him in his arms and fingers his hole, Brock has an intense orgasm of his own.

It too is stretched out as Austin kisses him and plays with cock. This is how you make post-sex euphoria last.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Night or Day our tops know they can unload their balls in one of our slutty bottoms

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Sketchy Sex says: We are pretty organized at home and we don’t want to disappoint so we always make sure that there is at least one hot bottom at home in case we get a drive-by guy who needs to unload.

Our whore house is known throughout the city and it is how we keep a constant line of horny tops coming through.

So no matter it’s daytime or nighttime our fuckers know they can drop a load in one of us and often we are fighting to be the cum hungry slut just waiting to be fucked.

Especially when the top fucker has a huge cock then we love to be accomodating.

Don’t knock, don’t worry about missing your chance. We’re always here to work out as many loads as you can shoot.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Straight cute dude sucks my big uncut dick first time ass fucked at Czech Hunter 561

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CzechHunter says: Czech people are mad about mushrooms and people head out to the forests around Prague to search for these delicacies.

I am an avid mushroom fan so I headed out to have a nice walk in the woods searching for two of my favorite things, hot men and tasty mushrooms.

Not long after I had set off from my car I bumped into a cutie whose side job was picking and selling mushrooms.

He was originally from Russia but had moved to Prague for quite some time.

It turned out that this guy didn’t have a full-time job and he worked at several different jobs on a part-time basis.

Perhaps this was the reason I didn’t have to offer him much for a little fun, he came very cheaply.

From the look of him, I was expecting a virgin inexperienced but the second he put my his mouth around my big uncut dick I knew I was onto something.

Just from sucking I almost came several times as he massaged my dick with his lips and licked my dick from tip to balls.

He was an expert cocksucker. It got better and better, he was so talented and I think he really enjoyed things as much as I did.

He moaned loudly as I stretched his slutty tight asshole and when I came he slurped it all up. He just loved my cum.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sexy young twink Andy Taylor’s hot bubble ass bare fucked by tattoo muscle hunk Chris Damned’s huge thick dick

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Icon Male says: Hot sexy young twink Andy Taylor is learning French from horny tattooed muscle hunk Chris Damned.

Chris is showering and Andy hides in the laundry basket to catch a look at his sexy French teacher naked.

But Chris is wise to his young pupil’s secret ways and smile thinking of how he will get him back.

When he is out of the shower Chris goes looking for Andy who is pretending to be asleep spreadeagled on the bed in just his tight sexy undies.

Chris rips them down exposing his cute bubble butt. Andy’s plan has worked as he kneels in front of the big muscle stud and sucks down hard on his huge thick dick.

Andy deep throats Chris’s hard cock till it is choking him as it hits the back of his throat.

Chris then pushes Andy down into doggie style on all fours and forces his erect dick between Andy’s pert ass cheeks into his tight hot boy hole.

Andy moans with pleasure as Chris pummels his ass, in long strong strokes in and out and Andy can feel every inch of his sexy teacher’s erection moving inside him.

As they switch positions a number of times, Chris gets his thick cock deeper into Andy’s asshole until both dudes are on the edge of orgasm.

As Andy hovers over Chris’s dick and Chris pumps his hot ass like a power drill until Andy can hold off no longer and sprays cum all over his lithe young body.

Chris then pulls out and shoots a volley of cumshots over Andy’s ass before fucking the cum back inside him.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Ripped muscle Rugby player Sean Maygers’s huge dick bareback fucking sexy team member Eman Zod’s hot hairy asshole

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Raging Stallion says: After a disappointing Rugby match lost because he made an unfortunate mistake sexy new muscled stud Eman Zod is relaxing under the hot running water of the communal team showers.

Ripped tattooed hunk Sean Maygers enters the showers and mentions the mistake, increasing Eman’s tense feelings and pissing him off mightily.

Tough muscle man Eman is not one to remain silent and he returns with a smart answer.

Sean reacts angrily pushing Eman up against the wall and forcing him down onto his knees before feeding him his huge thick dick.

Then Eman turns around as Sean parts his ass cheeks with both hands licking his tongue up and down his ass crack before getting his tongue deep into his tight hairy hole.

Eman moans with pleasure as Sean rims his hole prepping it for what is to come next.

After getting his hole licked, Eman switches positions with Sean to deepthroat Sean’s thick cock.

Eman gags on Sean’s huge thick dick then turns around to allow Sean to drive his cock deep in his hole.

In mid-thrust, Eman dismounts and wraps his lips around Sean’s cock that was just inside of him.

Sean puts his teammate on the floor of the shower and shoves his cock back in the find Eman’s prostate.

When Sean needs a break, Eman climbs on top cowboy style and grinding down onto Sean’s slick dick all the way down to the base until he cums handsfree.

Sean scores a thick cum load spraying out of his cock that Eman catches in his mouth then finally sharing a kiss and his own load with Sean.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hot tattooed muscle dude Aspen and Dakota Payne’s big raw dick flip flop bare ass fucking

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Next Door Studios says: In just their tight shorts Aspen and Dakota Payne are on the bed kissing passionately feeling each other’s sexy muscular bodies.

Dakota stands as Aspen who is on all fours swallows his huge thick dick.

Dakota keeps his hand on Aspen’s head forcing his erect cock right to the back of his throat, causing him to gag as it hits home.

As Aspen keeps blowing him, Dakota reaches around running his fingers down Aspen’s ass crack and probing his hot ass hole.

Aspen sits astride Dakota’s solid erection in cowboy position as Dakota enters his hot hole getting his dick balls deep in long hard strokes.

Aspen takes charge grinding his raw asshole down hard onto Dakota’s rampant cock.

Dakota then licks Aspen’s hole getting his tongue in deep.

They switch up positions with Dakota now mounting Aspen’s hot bubble ass from behind and power fucking him like a mechanical bull.

Then with Aspen on his back with his legs over his head, Dakota has a birdseye view of his ass as he spits in his hole lubing it up for another bareback big dick pummelling.

Now it is Aspen’s turn to annihilate Dakota’s tight bubble butt hole.

Dakota braces as Aspen slides his huge dick deep into his muscled asshole while Aspen grabs around Dakota’s neck pulling him back onto his thick cock.

The frenzied fucking continues until both young men are reaching the point of no return, Aspen opens his mouth as Dakota jerks out a huge spray of jizz which blasts across his face and tongue.

Aspen then blows his load coating them both in his cum.

They both collapse into each other’s arms exhausted but satisfied for now.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hottie dude Billy Montague’s huge thick dick bareback fucks sexy ripped young stud Tim Campbell’s hot asshole

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Belami says: Sexy ripped young hunk Tim Campbell is insatiable he just can’t get enough sex and today the lucky dude he is partnered with is hottie Billy Montague.

The naked studs start off kissing indoors near the patio doors their big uncut dicks already rock solid.

They rub their cocks together like a medieval jousting match before Billy sinks to his knees to suck down hard on Tim’s long erection.

Billy swallows the whole cock whole, gagging as it gets balls deep with him caressing the full length with his moist tongue.

Tim loves the sensation of Billy’s tongue work on his foreskin.

Then with Billy on all fours on the bed, Tim splits Billy’s ass cheeks forcing his huge uncut raw dick all the way into his tight ass hole, making Tim moan with pleasure.

Tim keeps up the bareback ass pummelling as they switch positions a number of times each time Billy’s ass gets stretched further and further as he manages to accommodate the full width and girth of Tim’s huge stiff dick.

As they fuck Tim holds Billy by the waist keeping his ass in the perfect position for his cock to slide in and out with Billy loving the feel of Tim moving inside him.

They break from the frenetic fucking so Tim can blow Billy’s thick uncut dick before they switch positions with Tim hovering in reverse cowboy, now in control and pushing his ass down hard onto Billy’s large erect cock.

Tim loves being on top as he gets to control his pleasure completely but he also tightens his ass muscles firmly around Billy’s cock bringing him almost to orgasm several times, before quickly releasing to prevent their fun ending too soon.

Unable to continue any longer, Tim jerks his dick a few times before spraying Billy’s face with a whole volley of cum shots.

Billy then pulls his dick out coating Tim’s hot hole with jizz before fucking his load back inside his freshly fucked ass.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hot straight young footballer Louis Lister strips out of his tight sexy undies jerking his huge uncut dick

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English Lads says: Sexy straight football player Louis Lister has a hot ripped young body and a huge uncut dick.

As Louis strips off we see his hairy legs and as he bends over we see his hairy asshole.

As he jerks his dick, he flexes his muscles before lying back on the bed and wanks his thick uncut dick hard and fast until he sprays cum all over his abs.

Great work Louis, a massage next time?

Louis Lister garnered many new fans when he stripped out of his gym kit stroking his huge uncut cock for our sister site here.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hot hairy chested young straight dude Tom Lawson’s huge uncut dick jerked by str8 cutie Dominic Moore

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English Lads says: Today we get to see two of our most popular fan favorites Tom Lawson and Dominic Moore who are both straight dudes with big uncut dicks but they both admit that they enjoy fooling around sexually with each other.

For Tom, this is his first time he’s been seen on camera with another dude. Luckily for him straight stud Dominic is a past master and is quite happy engaging with other straight men.

Tom looks super relaxed and he admitted beforehand that he and Dominic had a bit of a private practice session although I don’t think that this was necessary as the guys joke around and appear super cool before they start stripping off each others’ clothes.

Once they are down to their boxer we can see they’ve both got huge crotch bulges.

Then once the underwear comes off the guys cross swords with their huge uncut dicks, jousting and rubbing their hard cock together and showing off their foreskins.

Hairy muscle stud Tom starts to wank his thick uncut dick and he is joined with Dominic side by side jerking.

Both young men concentrate on stroking their cocks before they get on all fours showing off their hit asshole, parting their cheeks to show their hot holes.

Dominic then grabs ahold of Tom’s thick uncut dick wanking him hard in long strong strokes and he is soon moaning loudly and then without warning, he tenses his six-pack abs exploding cum all over his stomach and hairy chest.

Tom literally has his hot jizz dripping down his body as Dominic orgasms spraying a hot volley of cum shots shooting in all directions.

Tom Lawson first appeared for our sister site where he stripped out of his Rugby kit here proving popular with fans and Dominic Moore also got naked proving you can’t get enough of hot buff straight lads getting their kit off.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hot blonde muscle dude Roald Ekberg’s huge raw uncut dick bareback fucking sexy stud Orri Aasen’s tight bubble ass

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Belami says: Sexy ripped young studs Roald Ekberg and Orri Aasen are sitting on the sofa in just their underwear making out and kissing passionately as they feel each others’ bodies with their hands.

Roald admires Orri’s muscular chest and arms as he moves down towards his big crotch bulge searching out his big uncut dick.

As he licks and jerks Orri’s huge thick uncut cock he gently caresses his thick foreskin and runs his tongue over his big mushroom cockhead before swallowing it whole.

Roald is an expert cock sucker and it shows, Orri’s moans as Roald continues the in and out movements all the way down till Orri’s balls are on his lips and then back out till the top of his erection is on the tip of his tongue.

Orri returns the favor blowing Roald’s dick in 69, position before Roald shoves his hard erect cock deep into Orri’s tight bubble ass hole.

They switch up positions with Orri hovering over Roald’s thick stiff dick then grinding his hole down onto it repeatedly getting deeper and deeper with each stroke.

With Orri now in full control Roald watches the view of his cock disappearing inside Orri’s ass and Orri can feel every inch of Roald moving inside him.

They change around a number of times before Roald power fucks Orri bringing him to the edge of orgasm before finally plowing his asshole one last session before Roald pulls out coating Orri’s ass with his hot jizz.

Roald then fucks his cum back inside as Orri jerks his slick dick till he sprays his load all over his abs and chest.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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