Big muscle stud Hugh Hunter and hot daddy Gio Fortes’ huge raw dick flip-flop bareback ass fucking

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Lucas Entertainment says: Big daddy Hugh Hunter and stepson Gio Forte are holidaying in Fire Island and they realize that they have plenty of interests in common.

On the water’s edge, big hairy muscle hunk Gio slips his huge raw cock deep into Hugh’s tight muscled bubble butt.

Then they switch with Hugh pumping his 8.5-inch dick into Gio’s hot asshole.

The sexy muscle guys flip-flop bareback fucking till both men are on the edge of orgasm.

First to blow is Gio spraying his hot muscle cum across his abs and chest. He’s quickly followed by Hugo who blows his cum load all over them both before fucking his cum back into Gio’s hole.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Blue-collar bearded all American lumberjack Island Studs Derek strips naked jerking his huge 8 inch cock

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Island Studs says: Beefy bearded, all American lumberjack, ripped Island Studs Derek is back for his third jerk off video, he’s proudly showing off his scruffy face with that big hunk friendly smile, massive muscle butt, football thighs, and dark hairy armpits.

Derek has a full bush of dark manly dick hair, furry 8-pack of abs, and big biceps as he flexes and poses in his super tight black jockstrap. It can barely contain his thick big 8-inch cock and huge mushroom head and big blue-collar man butt.

He holds onto his saddle and tree climbing gear as he sweats taking down a tall Hawaiian Palm trees with his powerful chainsaw, balls-out naked, wearing only his cap, safety glasses, and work boots.

His heavy ball sack and big cock swing between his massive thighs as he walks in the rain with a towering full 8-inch erection to take his first of two powerful pisses while flexing his muscles.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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18 year old straight fireman first time ass fucking at Czech Hunter 421

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CzechHunter says: Have you ever dreamed of fucking a straight 18-year-old firefighter?

Well, today I managed to achieve that impossible feat. This boy was my first.

Well, he wasn’t exactly a professional firefighter but he did firefighting sport. I tried to picture him running around with hoses, all sweat and muscular.

I definitely wanted to have a look at him and then do a lot more.

The boy just turned 18 and was still a student so his pockets weren’t exactly deep.

It took us some time to get rid of people so I could have a good look at him.

It was a very nice view indeed.

Eventually, I convinced the boy to take me home.

We were lucky that his roommates weren’t there.

In the privacy of his room, the boy relaxed a little and then squeezed my wallet dry.

In exchange, he sucked me very nicely and after I absolutely destroyed his tight asshole, he even gave me his number!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Confident straight young Czech dude first time sucking big uncut cock bare fucked at Dirty Scout 240

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Dirty Scout says: Every country has its own stories of the riches to be found on the capital city streets which are paved with gold.

Plenty of people fall into the trap of thinking they can double their salary by moving to Prague.

With the right education and a ton of experience then it is entirely possible.

But this young straight dude who worked as a chef in his hometown wanted the riches but had no idea how to achieve it.

Too much confidence was his problem.

All I could give him was a warehouse job and he agreed because the pay was actually very good.

The dude was seriously broke and kind of slutty, so it was easy to get into his pants.

I hated the guy’s theatrical manners and know-it-all attitude during the interview, so I was going to show him the dark side of Prague right there.

I enjoyed his genuine effort to please my cock and then I mercilessly obliterated his tight asshole. He squealed a bit but earned the money in the end.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sexy hunk Michael Del Ray’s huge cock bareback fucks young hottie Dakota Payne’s hot hole

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Next Door Studios says: It’s a cold dark night and the rain is pouring down and Michael Del Ray and Dakota Payne are reading scary stories from an old dusty book.

They were so shocking that shivers of fear were felt in the darkroom they were in.

One of the young men, Dakota, afraid and stressed, begged his comrade to stop reading these gruesome tales, but Michael continued.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hot straight ripped muscle stud Hector Malik’s strips naked jerking his huge uncut dick to a massive cumshot

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English Lads says: Young ripped straight muscle stud Hector Malik has been in the gym training his body, his muscles are massive and this beautiful guy looks amazing. Hector was popular way back when he first stripped naked for our sister site here.

Now he is totally ripped, strong, and muscular with big developed biceps.

As Hector strips off his clothes, we get to see more of his flexing muscles.

When he pulls down those sexy tight undies oh wow he’s got a massive 8-inch uncut dick, it looks menacing even when soft.

His soft cock jumps to attention the second his fingers touch it, direct upright and proud. That is one massive erection, Hector!

He works his dick expertly in long strong strokes getting his foreskin flopping about as he jerks.

It’s a total enjoyment watching him wank and as he gets close to orgasm you can hear his breathing deepen and when he shoots he gushes exploding cum in all directions.

His jizz drips down his legs onto the floor. What a lovely mess.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Hottie ripped young studs Yannis Paluan and Mario Texeiras’ big raw dick bareback fucking reverse cowboy

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Freshmen says: Yannis Paluan and Mario Texeira star in another episode of our Budapest Adventure series.

The sexy boys Yannis and Mario are visiting the city and enjoying the sunny weather.

After flirting continuously during the day the horny pair head back to their apartment to get to know each other better.

As soon as they arrive they strip off each others’ clothes.

Mario kisses Yannis passionately when Yannis falls to the floor taking Mario’s huge twink uncut dick deep to the back of his throat.

Mario returns the favor sucking Yannis’ big uncut dick licking it from the mushroom top to his low hanging balls.

Yannis parts Mario’s ass cheeks getting his wet tongue deep into Mario’s hot boy hole.

Yannis fucks Mario in doggie style in strong long strokes with his thick dick sliding in and out of Mario’s tight asshole.

They switch up positions to reverse cowboy with Mario taking control grinding his hole down deep onto Yannis’ huge uncut cock.

The hardcore bareback fucking continues until Mario shoots his load across his abs quickly followed by Yannis who pulls out just as he showers them both with his cum. He then fucks the cum back into Yannis before Mario sucks his cummy cock.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Johnny B II’s hot ass bareback fucked by inked muscle army dude Chris Damned

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Active Duty says: New inked muscle boy army recruit Chris Damned is really excited to share his first scene with Johnny B II.

Enjoy this scene as these soldiers share their privates until they blow loads in the hottest way.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Ripped muscle stud Arad Winwin’s huge raw cock bareback fucking young twink Andy Taylor’s hot boy hole

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Falcon Studios says: Arad Winwin is taking a shower after a long hot day. The water feels good as it cleanses his ripped muscled body.

Arad’s big thick cock is already rock hard and he’s stroking it rhythmically unbeknown to him young stepbrother Andy Taylor is spying on him and getting turned on.

Arad continues to pump his thick veiny cock without a care in the world.

As Arad steps out of the shower and grabs a towel he sees his pervy little stepbro watching and beckons him to step closer as he plants a kiss on his sweet lips.

The two make out and Andy reaches around and grabs ahold of Arad’s thick dick as Arad feels Andy’s pert bubble butt.

Andy loses his clothes and drops them to the floor, getting on his knees and swallowing as much of Arad’s erect cock as possible.

Arad pumps his dick right to the back of Andy’s young throat choking him as it hit the back of his throat.

Arad then bends him over and tongue fucks his hairless hole.

Then, one finger, and two, and then all bets are off as Arad’s raw cock slides deep inside Andy’s ass.

Bent over and taking it bareback from behind, Andy savors every powerful thrust Arad delivers.

Wanting to feel his big bro at new depths, Andy plants his hole in Arad’s lap and rides his thick rod before getting his load fucked out of him and spraying it all over his smooth abs.

Moments later, Arad blasts the twink’s face with his thick load.

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Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Watch Dudes – Gay Porn Site Review

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A few years ago gay porn sites featuring their own user-uploaded content were all the rage but the only one that remains hugely popular today is Watch Dudes. The home page trumpets what you can see inside, nude boys on Snapchat, Instagram hidden naked men, straight guys showing their dicks, nude guys with huge cocks, fully naked male hunks, and naked military men, and much more. All hot real men, not gay porn stars just the real deal.

Click here to visit Watch Dudes

Watch Dudes really is a unique site in that it promises so much real content including real married straight men dick videos, straight men fucking guys, drunk straight boys exposing themselves on their mobile phones and then uploading the sexy content.

Nude Boys On Snapchat

The sheer variety of men on display is amazing, you’ll find hot young twinks from young men in their twenties to older men in their 30s and 40s. All hot, all naked, and messing about on their own with their phones or with others.

There are lots of cocks on display from every shade of color from the smallest weeny to the biggest dicks. It is hard not to find plenty of guys that fit your preferences.

Photos of Straight Guys Showing their Dicks

There are plenty of guy next door types, plus smooth dudes and hairy hunks. Plenty of tattoos and muscles if that is your thing. Plenty of toned and normal out of shape guys too.

You won’t have seen these guys anywhere else, none of them are gay porn stars pretending to be amateurs these are all guys you would meet at the supermarket or university campus or working retail or blue-collar jobs.

Military Men Naked

There is a real mixed bag of action featured plenty of guys jerking off solo or playing with their big crotch bulges in underwear or sports kit in locker room bathrooms. There are plenty of hot gay couples having hardcore sex including anal fucking.

Military or ex military men feature with them getting naked or just with their dicks out wanking. If you love big military men showing off then you’ll love this section.

Nude Guys with BIG COCKS

Alot of the action is filmed on mobile phones so is amateur in nature but I found it ultimately watchable and very horny.

Watch Dudes contains 3,513 MP4 videos for download and streaming on laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. The quality is amateur mobile phone quality and it varies with some having great lighting and sound and others not so great. The content is very hot and I love seeing straight guys acting up for the camera or being totally normal and showing what they get up to in private.

Alongside the videos there are 4,093 photo galleries which are mobile phone photos so the quality is pretty good. The number of photos per gallery varies from 10 to 30 pictures. As with all user-generated content, some are well-taken others could be better lit, etc. You can view the images in a slideshow and download individual images with save-as or download the full gallery in zip files.

The site is updating regularly although it is hard to be specific about the number or update schedule as it relies on users to upload their own stuff. Over the last 6 months, we found that there was on average updates at least every other day and on some days like weekends more than one update per day. All updates are dated so you know when new stuff arrives.

So let’s look at issues with the site. Firstly when signing up be aware that there is a pre-checked offer on the credit card details page. If left checked you will be automatically signed up to a second gay porn website at a cost that will rebill monthly until canceled. It is easy to decline this offer by unchecking the tick box.

Watch Dudes offers the webs best source of user-generated content with hot guys of all ages showing off their cocks, their sexy bodies, sucking and fucking men and plenty of other hot stuff. There are plenty of updates every other day and sometimes more than once per day as users upload their videos and pictures. If you like real user content then there is plenty to like here. It is interesting to see the types of guys that upload and to see them naked and what they get up to when they are alone or with their friends. Lovers of straight men be warned there is plenty to keep you busy here. Cheers, My Gay Porn List.

Click here to visit Watch Dudes

Membership Costs

$29.96 FOR 30 DAYS REBILLS $29.96 EVERY 30 DAYS
$74.88 FOR 90 DAYS REBILLS $74.88 EVERY 90 DAYS
$119.96 FOR 365 DAYS REBILLS $119.96 EVERY 365 DAYS


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