Hot young Aussie twink Connor Peters poses in his Speedos before jerking his huge cock

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Bentley Race says: Hot young Aussie twink Connor Peters returns today for a bubble bath jerk off.

Connor gathered many fans when I started to post his photos and videos on the website.

You can see him doing many solo and duo videos with me and our mates.

Some pretty hot shoots too. Today I am shooting with Connor in the hot tub full of bubbles.

This is a really fun shoot with Connor stripping out of his speedo and playing with his big cock in the bubbles.

He even surprises me as he bends over to lick his cock. What a talented boy!

I am looking forward to getting him back with more shoots with our mates this summer.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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20-year-old straight athletic English dude Jon Williams strips down to his red undies and white socks stroking his huge uncut dick

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English Lads says: 20-year-old straight athletic English dude Jon Williams is back with us today after a break of a couple of years.

As Jon strips off down to his red tight sexy underwear and white socks we see his hairy legs and big crotch bulge.

Goodlooking young stud wanks his huge uncut dick with long hard strokes as his lowe hanging balls jingle-jangle between his legs.

Jon appears really relaxed and laid back as he shows us every inch of his sexy body.

What a huge uncut cock he has and it stands up hard and erect and stays there throughout.

After lots of teasing himself, Jon gets a huge load of pre-cum which he rubs into his cock and pumps his manly piece of meat until he explodes jizz everywhere.

Great work, Jon. Pairing with another model, next?

Jon Williams stripped out of his footie kit jerking his huge uncut cock for our sister site here where he garnered plenty of new fans.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sexy young twink Johnny Hunter arches his back getting Hugo Santana’s huge raw thick dick deeper in his hole

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Broke Straight Boys says: Dirty boy twink Johnny Hunter and hot army stud Hugo Santana lie together on the bed making out, kissing passionately.

As they kiss both sexy boys reach down to unleash each other’s big erect dicks. They rub their cocks together but Johnny is keen to get his hole filled.

Johnny drops down sucking down hard on Hugo’s stiff dick, licking and sucking his dick from tip to balls.

Even when Hugo’s done with Johnny, our little twink needs one more taste and takes Hugo’s cock between his lips again.

Hugo reaches down to stroke Johnny’s hard cock as he gets his dick sucked before he puts Johnny face down on the bed and gets inside that ass.

Hugo fills Johnny up, fucking him from behind as Johnny moans with each deep thrust of Hugo’s fat raw dick.

Johnny gets on all fours, arching his back as he takes that cock deeper, ass jiggling as Hugo pushes into him over and over.

Turning onto his back, Johnny spreads his legs wide open as that fat shaft stretches his hole open until both these guys cum hard.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy young hunk Sean Cody Dax had a huge crotch bulge as he strips off his shorts we see his chunky thick cock

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Sean Cody says: Today we welcome our newest model Dax, he’s sexy sporty with dark hair who loves powerful versatile sex, so he’s a super top but also a verbal bottom.

He has a wide range of likes in guys, from hairy, to smooth and everyone in between.

Tall guys, short guys, guys with dad bods, shredded guys,” and when it comes to sex, he wants it rough.

The bearded hunk shows off his gorgeous smile and great body as he strips down to his jockstrap and does a handstand into a split, before getting his cock out and stroking it till it’s nice and hard.

Dax plays with his hole, sliding a finger inside as he works his dick, then penetrating himself with a dildo.

After seeing Dax’s huge load, we can’t wait to see what and who he does next.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Horny ginger stud Dacotah Red’s huge thick dick raw fucking tanned dude Johnny Bandera’s hot asshole

Share with friends says: The other day Dacotah Red returns to his home to find his wife in bed with another man.

He’s talking through his feelings with his best friend Johnny Bandera who lends a sympathetic ear.

Dacotah admits that he’s gonna do something he hasn’t done in years as he reaches across and kisses Johnny’s sweet lips.

Johnny, the brown-haired sexy stud offers the tall ginger dude a balls deep blowjob.

He sucks down hard on Dacotah’s thick cock choking it to the back of his deep throat.

Then Johhny assumes the doggie style position allowing Dacotah full access to his tight bubble butt.

Dacotah probes his big cock head up and down Johnny’s ass crack before forcing his erect dick deep into Johnny’s ass hole.

Johnny moans with pleasure as he feels every inch of Dacotah’s thick cock moving inside him.

The sexy dudes switch up positions many times each time Dacotah gets further and further into Johnny’s raw hole.

The hardcore pummeling continues until both dudes are on the edge of orgasm.

First Johhny sprays his full cum load all over them both before Johnny gets on his knees as Dacotah shoots jizz all over his face giving him a creamy cum facial. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sexy Latino muscle hunk Mateo Zagal’s huge thick dick raw fucks hottie Latin dude Milo Madera’s bubble ass

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Raging Stallion says: Bearded Latino muscle hunk Milo Madera is in the toilet when horny tattooed muscle man Mateo Zagal joins him at the urinal.

Both suited sexy men can’t help but check out each other’s huge dicks and without losing precious time, Mateo is on his knees sucking back Milo’s huge thick uncut dick.

Milo returns the favor swallowing Mateo’s hard erection right to his balls before Mateo spins him around and runs his tongue up and down his ass crack till he finds his tight muscular asshole.

Mateo’s rim job preps Milo’s bubble butt for his raw cock which he forces into his hot hole making him cry out loudly as he splits his ass apart.

With Mateo lying on the floor, Milo gets into cowboy position controlling the speed and depth that Mateo’s hard cock pummels his raw hole.

They switch up positions a number of times, with each change Mateo gets his dick deeper and harder into Milo’s bare hole getting them both close to orgasm a number of times but holding off to increase the pleasure.

Milo’s ass muscles grip Mateo’s rampant thick dick taking him over the edge. Mateo sprays cum all over Milo’s hot asshole before fucking his cum back inside.

Milo then orgasms shooting jizz all over his ripped muscular body.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Sexy young stud Benjamin Blue’s hot hole bare fucked by ginger muscle dude Olivier Robert’s huge thick uncut cock

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Cockyboys says: Today we get to welcome back Benjamin Blue and Olivier Robert who are both sporting sexy new looks. See these horny guys bonding right from the off.

They are playful together, opening up about the sex that they like and making out kissing passionately.

Soon enough it is top man Olivier who forces Benjamin to swallow his thick erect dick, telling him how he likes a guy to pleasure him.

As Benjamin does, Olivier fucks his throat, pushing his gag reflex to the limit.

He does so well that when Olivier returns the favor he lets Benjamin face-fuck him right back.

With their sexual heat rising they get into a 69 with Benjamin returning to deep sucking while Olivier eats his ass.

Olivier’s slick & wet cock and Benjamin’s spit-lubed hole finally meet as Benjamin rides Olivier and the moaning bottom takes his deep upward thrusts.

They both almost go over the edge but slow it down momentarily to kiss and change positions: Olivier puts Benjamin on his back and pounds him relentlessly.

As Olivier drills Benjamin, he moves him to his side and then back to a full missionary with a variety of thrusts, each time hitting his prostate.

Finally, Olivier takes total control, fucking Benjamin faster while stroking his cock for him. He jerks and milks a big intense cum shot out of Benjamin and just keeps drilling him.

Soon he pulls out with an intense orgasm of his own shooting his load over Benjamin.

In the end, they’re both spent but thoroughly satisfied and glowing with post-sex euphoria and affection.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Dirty missionary President Beau Reed’s huge dick bare fucks young Elder Edward Terrant’s hot raw ass

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Missionary Boys says: Dirty Missionary President Beau Reed has heard good things about young Elder Edward Terrant
from members of the congregation.

In order to test the young boy’s trust in him, President Reed asks Elder Terrant to place his hands behind his back whilst he ties them with a rope.

President Reed then asks him if he is interested in the holistic religious experience of sex.

Unsure how to answers Elder Terrant says, “Yes, I think so.”

This gives President Reed the opportunity to test the young priest further by placing his hand inside his pants and feeling his soft cock and balls.

Elder Terrant says “That feels good.”

So President Reed bends down and sucks down hard on Elder Terrant’s small young dick which is now fully erect.

Elder Terrant then kneels before President Reed and wraps his lips around his throbbing hardon, sucking it back till it hits the back of his throat, choking him at first.

With his big erect cock now lubed President Reed turns Elder Terrant around and exposes his bare asshole, pushing his huge mushroom cockhead into his hot hole.

They switch positions with Elder Terrant on top in reverse cowboy style forcing his tight virgin asshole down onto the President’s huge dick in strong deep rhythmic strokes.

His tight asshole quickly brings President Reed to orgasm and he fires a multitude of jizz shots into the young priest’s bare hole with cum dripping down from his ass.

President Reed has not had enough and he fucks the cum back inside Elder Terrant’s asshole until the younger dude cums shooting his load all over himself.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Horny muscle hunk Adam Russo’s huge thick dick fucking Thomas’s hot bubble butt

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Titan Men says: Muscle man Thomas is working, it’s late and as darkness falls, he sneaks a sly porn break while at his desk.

“Is that what I’m paying you for?” demands his sexy horny boss Adam Russo who manages to sneak up and catch him red-handed so to speak.

“Let’s make our own porn movie.”

Adam unbuckles Thomas’s jeans and unleashes his already huge uncut dick which gets fully erect as he sucks it down his throat.

Thomas whips it on his tongue, then smiling Adam taking down right to his balls.

Thomas then pulls on his foreskin to show off his thick uncut cock, before Adam spits on it and chokes it down again.

Adam pulls up the foreskin, twirling his tongue inside and nibbling it.

Adam eats and fingers his bud’s hole before guiding him down.

Thomas deep sucks the verbal Adam’s throbber (“Go all the way down hold it!”), then eats his ass biting on Adam’s cheeks before offering his own hole.

The top smiles as he fucks him fast from behind. “Slower?” asks Adam.

“Do what you like,” Thomas answers, exciting the top even more: “Is that my ass? Fuck yeah!” Adam wraps his arms around the bottom, pulling him closer.

Thomas gets on his back for more, his dark, smooth and tattooed body soon covered in their cum.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Sketchy Sex another day another cumdump

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Sketchy Sex says: We finally had to get a new place after the landlord saw the constant line of cocks waiting to dump loads in us.

Luckily we found another cumdump who was looking for housemates.

On our first day there he invited his regular tops over to celebrate the new raw only ass in the house.

Damn we were missin’ out! Fuck wife swapping, we’re dick sharing!

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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