JD Phoenix greedily sucks a load out of Jackson Fillmore’s cock then jerks his stream of jizz

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Men.com says: After making a bet to see who can find the richest daddy in San Francisco the boys split up and JD Phoenix heads to “church,” aka Steamworks in Berkeley. There he finds sexy hung stud Jackson Fillmore who tells him he’s got a rich daddy (Max Cameron) who wants to see a show.

The hot sex-pigs find a room with a plexiglass wall and start sucking dick. When JD turns around and gives Jackson a taste of his world-class ass Jackson shoves his rock hard dick deep in his hole. Jackson fucks the hell out of him until JD decides it’s his turn; he lubes up his meaty cock and pounds Jackson’s ass.

JD greedily sucks a load out of Jackson’s cock then jerks his stream of jizz all over Jackson’s hot hole then eats it out. Daddy is happy and JD gets a condo. It’s a win/win.



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Brad Kalvo and Christian Matthews

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Breed Me Raw says: Manly Brad Kalvo begged me to find him more slut ass to fuck and breed. Christian Matthews was the first to come to my mind.

He showed up with his slut ass hanging out in assless briefs, freshly fucked from another manwhore. But Brad didn’t mind as he got Christian on his knees and start sucking his daddy cock.

When Brad was ready, he slid his raw cock into his freshly fucked hole and pounded away, like they were meant to be. That’s right. Christian’s holes were made for pounding.


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Dante Martin and James Shields

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Next Door Buddies says: Ready to show he’s a true team player, Tex Ranger takes Dante Martin’s cock all the way to the shaft, as Dante pounds him from behind while James Shields continues to fuck his mouth. Then the guys switch and it’s James bending Tex over the side of the sofa, pounding away as Tex strokes himself off, as they all lose their loads in a sweaty afternoon exhibition.


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FraternityX Sunday Funday

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Fraternity X says: We caught Tyler spanking it to our porn videos. Its not secret the little house bitch likes getting gang-banged. This dude does a hit of poppers and you can’t get a dick up far enough. His cries are screams of pleasure. So we duct taped his mouth shut. Fucked his dumb ass while watching the game.


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Chuck and Chris talk as they play naked football together

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Island Studs says: Real Oregon roommates bearded hairy Chuck and smooth big balls Chris, agreed to meet us in the forest beside the River for their very first nude photo shoot AND totally naked sweaty football action.

Chuck 5’11” and 155 lbs, has a thick cock that slaps against his hairy thighs and bounces up against his totally furry cock hair as he catches the football out in public.

Chris, a tall, 6’2″ and thick 185 lbs, has a HUGE low hanging NUT SACK that dangles and bounces around his white football thighs as he tosses the ball to his roommate.

Listen as Chuck and Chris talk totally unscripted as they play Naked Football together.


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Dario Leon bareback fucking Logan Rogue’s tight muscled ass

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Lucas Entertainments says: Dario Leon might be all top, but he’s sure a passionate one who knows how to relax and soften his men up before stripping down and sticking it in. This approach works very well on Logan Rogue, who gets hot and bothered after being passionately swooned by the deep and wet kisses of Dario.

This leads to Logan pulling Dario’s huge uncut cock out of his shorts for fellatio. Logan enjoys seeing his tops fuck him, so he starts out on his back with Dario’s raw dick deep inside of him. But in my opinion, the best sequence shows Logan on his elbows and knees from behind, Dario is mounted on top and pumps his seed hard.


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20 year old student skateboarder Scott Tyler jerks his thick uncut dick

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Bentley Race says: One the sexiest guys I have met so far this year in Australia is 20 year old student Scott Tyler. I have already done a couple of really great shoots with Scott.

He very first time getting naked in front of the camera was actually one day in summer up on my rooftop. He didn’t even blink when I suggested we go outside and get him naked.

I guess he had already seen the rooftop exploits with my other mates on the site. At first I wasn’t sure if I would be that in to shoot with Scott.

He seemed fairly plain when we met the first time. But then I realised that he loves getting in front of the camera and was totally up for showing off.

We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs as he posed with just the skateboard hiding his uncut cock. But wait until he turns around. You see Scott has got one very beautiful chunky furry bum.

He must have started thinking I was weird because I wanted to take so many photos of it. It looks good, and just wait till you see it in action as he fucks my mates.


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